Beware of Fraud and Abuse



In this email they show a link in blue which when you place your curser on this link it lights up in yellow and shows that  “WWW.TIMWILLIAMS.BIZ” with “RSS” and “BankofAmerica” as the owner of the link. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

The link is not generated by my firm, me or ANY entity in this country to the best of my knowledge. The scam is perpetrated to attempt to give my website and me a bad reputation and steal bank data from you. Any data put on that site does not come to me or this site. I have no way of knowing where it goes. They merely named the path as mentioned above. They could have used any website in the world. I  have reported them to the United States-FBI on their site at:  with the FBIcomplaint #: I0907021639392601); I also contacted Bank of America, and I have contacted the digital producer of this site, Server Pro. You can also report abuse of the same type email by going   The present scam mentioned has a ticket # of  JQO-739344 as of 2 July 2009 with ServerPro. Put the complaint #’s in your email to me and to the FBI and Server Pro. My Server Pro service ended in September, 2013.

Other Scams:  Recently, the “work for Google at Home” scam has crossed my path, and I actually received a local phone call from them wanting more data if “I had sent in my contact info.” The number they called me from was 864-236-4984. They said they were the ” Order Confirmation Team” in Salt Lake City, Utah on 8866 S. State Street Suite #8 zip code 84062, but I could not find that address on Google or Bing. They hung up on me when I pushed for more back-up data. They said they used this local # so the person calling would not get a long distance call on their billing, but they called me first ????. “A Frank Victor was the ‘boss’,”  they said, after much browbeating by me to get them to tell me more,  and a Hugo Lopez also worked there, they said. They would not furnish any more corporation data such a the State Registered Agent if they are incorporated.

12-22-2011. Notice to consumers of all needs who use the internet to search for companies to accomplish varies work or services.  There are referral agencies that try to dominate the search sites like Google, many fields to “help” you find a professional or service person for a project you many have in mind. These companies advertise they screen the background of the companies and licenses of all those that come to your home or business. And, they will only select the proper ones for you……THIS IS MOSTLY ALL FALSE. How do I know? ……I ran a scam on a company called “XXSERVICEXX-XXMAGICXX  (delete the “8 Xes”)  I told them via email I wanted to have inspected a commercial office building, and I asked who and what company will come inspect the unit. (For this unit to be inspected it would require a South Carolina Commercial inspector by law. A person or company that is either a SC Licensed General Contractor, Architect or Engineer.) The subject referral company had a man from another town in SC email and call me and he said he would be doing the inspection and he said he did not have any of those licenses. I had verified on SC LLR site before he called from his email that he had none of the required licenses. So, therefore the subject internet referral service company had one unqualified company without the required license to do the job. And the un-named inspector was in violation of the laws of SC. I reported him to SC LLR. Please be aware of the use of these type firms….you never get something for nothing. You may read about this firm from this site:

ALSO: —Home owners and others should be aware in the Anderson, SC newspaper and possibly other papers with printed ads show some contractors stating they have a license, and they do not! Some only have a city/county tax collectors license called an occupational license….it is not proof on knowing any type of construction !!! Verify licenses on the SC state website under South Carolina Labor and Licensing ( SC-LLR.)

You can be assured we only work in an honest and forthright attitude with an Honor Code as taught by The Citadel, our parents and our holy church.  We are doing all possible to stop this type activity. Thanks for reporting any illegal hyperspace criminal activity involving this site or any data regarding my corporation or this site.

TIM WILLIAMS–South Carolina home inspector; general contractor and real estate broker; always working in your SAFE behalf.

We do not accept checks from Wells Fargo Bank. We consider them less than honest and very difficult to deal with, and they do not want to directly cash checks of their customers by non-customers. However, you can use them to pay us on PayPal. — Tim