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000 SQ FT to 1000 SQ FT$250.00
1001 SQ FT to 1500 SQ FT$300.00
1501 SQ FT to 2000 SQ FT$350.00
2001 SQ FT to 2500 SQ FT$400.00

2501 SQ FT to 3000 SQ FT$425.00
3001 SQ FT to 4000 SQ FT$450.00
4001 SQ FT to 5000 SQ FT$475.00
5001 SQ FT & UP$500.00
Add for home built before 1960$050.00
Add for home built before 1930$100.00
Add for home built before 1900$200.00
Add-- Radon 4+7 day Testing-(WITH HOME INSPECTION
Add for lead paint testing. (WITH HOME INSPECTION ONLY)$050.00
Add this extra for any new home construction including costs above based on the sq ft.$100.00