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Adam And Eave Properties, Inc. (A&E, Inc) is in upstate South Carolina, and we are licensed real estate brokers and licensed General Contractors specializing inProperty Management and Facilities Management in the Piedmont area of northwest SC on Lake Hartwell and Interstate 85. (We also perform Home Inspections for any size properties as well as Commercial Inspections.) We have more then 30 years in this type business. This is our home. It if has anything to do with offices, building or homes or the way to get there and take care of them, inspect them, or lease them, that is us.

Contact us with your listing, and we will provide you with an estimate on the cost of managing your property. We manage commercial, industrial, and homes. We can provide you not only with property management, but we can also do repairs. Price is negotiable. We will pay brokers/agents a finder-fee for a lead to rental units located within 15 miles of the center of Anderson for residential homes. Call Tim at 864-224-1226. We only take new business on the phone. ( Sorry, No telemarketing calls accepted.)

Thank you.